American Seating Vision

The American Seating Vision is a transit vehicle seat available in Canada and the United States. It was introduced at the 2008 American Public Transportation Association Expo and is the successor to the Innovator 850.

American Seating Vision seats on a Metro Transit New Flyer Industries D60LFR.

The Vision features a bent stainless steel tube structure and no visually exposed fasteners. It can be fitted with vandal resistant, cut resistant, or non-upholstered onserts. The backing is a stamped stainless steel piece. Either a stainless steel or thermoplastic grip rail is available. The seat's form is similar to the InSight. The Vision is available in either a 17-inch or 18-inch width. Unlike the 18-inch width, the 17-inch width is not available with a grip rail and does not have sides that flare outwards. It is typically used for perimeter arrangements. A fully upholstered extension of the back on the 18-inch width.

The Vision may feature the EZ fold system with A.R.M. Securement System or Q'Straint QPOD system to accommodate passengers utilizing mobility aids. A barrier which shares the Vision and InSight's design language is usually specified to separate the wheelchair area from the transverse seats.


The following agencies operate or have operated vehicles with this model seat:


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