American Seating 6466

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An example of a 6466 layout on a 40' low floor transit bus.

American Seating Company 6466 is a model of passenger seat intended for both bus and rail mass transit vehicle applications. The 6466 seat is manufactured by American Seating as part of their transportation product offering.[1]


Model Features

  • Fully Upholstered
  • Thermoplastic back panel
  • Removable cushions and panel for cleaning and replacement
  • High strength steel frame
  • Compatible with the American Seating's Advanced Restraint Module (A.R.M.®) and Dual Auto-Lok™ securement system for mobility devices

Model Options

  • Transverse, longitudinal, flip-up, and rear cross seating and barrier models
  • Cantilever and T-pedestal mounting configurations
  • Variety of colors available for frame, seat back, and grab rail
  • Various types and patterns of upholstery and cushion material

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