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* [[Collingwood Public Transit|COLLTRANS]] - Collingwood, Ontario
* [[Collingwood Public Transit|COLLTRANS]] - Collingwood, Ontario
* [[Orangeville Transit]] - Orangeville, Ontario (on order)
* [[Orangeville Transit]] - Orangeville, Ontario (on order)
* [[LINX]] - Simcoe County, Ontario (on order)
* [[LINX]] - Simcoe County, Ontario
===Hong Kong [[File:Flag of Hong Kong.jpg|28px]]===
===Hong Kong [[File:Flag of Hong Kong.jpg|28px]]===

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Alexander Dennis Enviro200
Arriva YX17NYB 4089-a.jpg
RHD Enviro200
Years of manufacture 2006 to present
Length 8.9 to 12.75 metres
Width 2550 millimetres
Seating 24 to 40
Collingwood Public Transit 708-e.jpg
LHD Enviro200

The Alexander Dennis Enviro200 (launched as the Enviro200Dart) is an British low floor midibus. It is the successor to the Dart SLF. Some of the first customers of the Enviro200 were Jim Stones Coaches and Travel London. In addition to operating in the United Kingdom, the Enviro200 has been sold in Hong Kong, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

The left-hand drive Enviro200 was sold in Canada and the United States as the New Flyer MiDi. Alexander Dennis and New Flyer announced the joint venture in 2012 to introduce the Enviro200 to North America. However after four years, New Flyer and Alexander Dennis announced that MiDi production would be transferred from New Flyer's Minnesota facility to Alexander Dennis's facility in Indiana. Sales, marketing and aftermarket parts would also be transitioned to Alexander Dennis with the full support of New Flyer. In total, New Flyer produced 200 MiDi buses for 22 customers.[1] At the 2017 American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Expo, Alexander Dennis reintroduced the Enviro200 to North America under their own name.

The Enviro200 is available as a diesel-electric hybrid bus. Known as the Enviro200H, it was launched at the 2008 Euro Bus Expo in Birmingham, England.


Like the Dart, the Enviro200 uses a body constructed from bolted aluminum extrusions and a welded steel chassis. The majority of the body panels are of aluminum, and the roof structure uses a single piece of composite material. The bus is powered by a 4 or 6-cylinder diesel engine mounted longitudinally at the rear.

The chassis, which was referred to early on as the Dart 4, can be fitted with Optare or MVC Bus and Coach bodies. The Enviro200 body can be fitted to the MAN 14.240 chassis as well.

A revised front and rear fascia was launched at the 2009 Coach & Bus Live. A strip of white LED lights was incorporated under the existing headlights and new curves were adopted for the front bumper. The rear bumper has a cut-out along the bottom and the Enviro200 wordmark no longer appears on the engine door.

As with the Enviro400, Alexander Dennis initiated a Major Model Change (MMC) for the Enviro200. The design processed involved a great deal of input from the industry. The bus made its debut at the 2014 Euro Bus Expo. It boasts a decrease in weight of up to 200 kilograms according to Alexander Dennis. Many of the bus's features are shared with the new Enviro400, this includes the updated electrical system as well as quick release glazing.

The new quick release glazing system has a window frame that is attached to the body with its face flush with the body panels, and the glass is retained against the frame by a removable retainer. This allows the glass to be removed from inside the vehicle instead of from an external platform

The rear of the bus carries over the same design language from the new Enviro400. The front is different with an asymmetrical windshield and wrap-around headlight cluster. This design has been adopted for the Enviro400 City, however. The interior was redesigned with elements to improve ergonomics and appeal for both passengers and drivers. Depending on the length, two to five more seats have been added to the passenger cabin.

The Enviro200 MMC is available with new longer lengths of 11.5 metres (with a four cylinder engine) and 11.8 metres (with a six cylinder engine). In June 2017, a 12.75 metre long, three axle version of the Enviro200, known as the Enviro200XLB, was introduced. It was developed to comply with regulations in New Zealand

Specifications (Enviro200 chassis)


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