ABQ RIDE 6401-6412

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ABQ RIDE 6401-6412 are 2004 New Flyer Industries DE60LF buses. They are ABQ RIDE's first articulated buses as well as their first diesel-electric hybrid buses, and first buses to be manufactured by New Flyer Industries. They are primarily used on the three Rapid Ride routes (the Red Line from Central and Unser to Uptown, the Blue Line from Coors and Ellison to the Univeristy of New Mexico, and the Green Line from Downtown to Central and Tramway).

They are powered by Caterpillar C9 engines paired with Allison EP50 hybrid propulsion systems. All 12 buses are based at the Daytona Transit Facility on the Albuquerque Westside alongside the 700-series, 6600-series, and 6900-series buses (and since 2015, the 900-series buses).

In October 2009, they were retrofitted with new GFI Genfare Odyssey validating fareboxes with built-in ticket dispensers.


  • Model - New Flyer Industries DE60LF
  • Model year - 2004
  • Engine - Caterpillar C9 (EPA 2004 specifications)
  • Propulsion - Allison EP50 hybrid system
  • HVAC - Thermo King (roof mounted on tractor section, rear mounted on trailer section)
  • Destination signs - TwinVision Chroma I (front) and Amber LED (side/rear)
  • Annunciator - Digital Recorders DR600
  • Passenger seats - American Seating 6468
  • Farebox - GFI Genfare Odyssey (upgraded from GFI CENTSaBILL in October 2009)


Thumbnail Build
VIN License
Status/Disposal Notes
6401 2004 5FYH2UW0X4U027023 G 78258 Retired
Listed for auction on publicsurplus.com in March 2020
6402 2004 5FYH2UW014U027024 G 78259
6403 2004 5FYH2UW034U027025 G 78260
6404 2004 5FYH2UW054U027026 G 78261
6405 2004 5FYH2UW074U027027 G 78262
6406 2004 5FYH2UW094U027028 G 78263
6407 2004 5FYH2UW004U027029 G 78264
6408 2004 5FYH2UW074U027030 G 78265
6409 2004 5FYH2UW094U027031 G 78266 Retired
Listed for auction on publicsurplus.com in March 2020
6410 2004 5FYH2UW004U027032 G 78267
6411 ABQ RIDE 6411-a.jpg 2004 5FYH2UW024U027033 G 59722
6412 2004 5FYH2UW044U027034 G 79974 On October 17, 2009, it crashed into an SUV that ran a red light at the intersection of Central Avenue and Interstate 25. It was sent to New Flyer to have its front end rebuilt. It returned to service in March 2010.