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The ZF EcoLife is a new transmission from ZF designed to handle the high torque outputs of newer city buses. The EcoLife is tailored to the new upcoming emission standards of Euro 6 and EPA 2010 in Europe and North America respectively. It boast lower operational costs as well as reduced drive noise with a new integrated torsional damper and helical gearing. With few filters and lower oil consumption, oil change intervals are increased. The EcoLife also manages drive programs in real time unlike the Ecomat Series which use a pre-determined drive program.

The TopoDyn program helps regulate normal or power drive programs more intelligently. TopoDyn selects the best shift points based on the gradient, thus maximizing fuel savings. On starting, the TopoDyn program selects the "Eco" mode. For inclines, it selects "Normal" mode. For strong inclines or declines, "Power" mode is selected.


Type Max. Input Torque Mass w/o oil
6AP1000B 1000 Nm 761 lbs
6AP1200B 1200 Nm 766 lbs
6AP1400B 1400 Nm 772 lbs
6AP1700B 1700 Nm 827 lbs
6AP2000B 2000 Nm 834 lbs


  • ZF EcoLife Brochure