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York Region Transit Flxibles is wheelchair accessible.

York Region Transit 601, 606, 907-909 were Grumman Flxible 870 (40102-6) buses.

Units 601, 606, and 908-909 were originally built in 1981 for the Santa Clara County Transit District (SCCTD). Units 601, 606, 908 and 909 were part of a group of ex-SCCTD 870's acquired for use in London, Brantford and Windsor via National Refurbishing Inc., long-term leased for a few years at a time. When the buses came off-lease from their original agencies, they were leased again to Vaughan Transit in 1998/1999 (some with their former leaser's colours and numbers) and believed to have lasted into the YRT era until retirement in 2001 (some may have retired earlier in 2000), at which time they were returned to National, who re-leased some to other agencies.

Unit 907 is ex-Dallas Area Rapid Transit 807, and has different spotting features than the SCCTD units (no top oval window slots in the side windows).

These buses were operated initially by Vaughan Transit (and later YRT), and could be found on routes serving the Vaughan area.

Buses Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
601, 606, 907 Detroit Diesel 6V71T Allison V730 Flipdot
908-909 Rollsign


Fleet number Thumbnail Date VIN License plate Paint Division Status/Disposal Notes
601 1981 1GF4AC8K8AD092946 BJ7 976 Special Can-Ar (Vaughan) Retired

Leased after from N.R. to Clarington Transit (2002), renumbered 97A.

  • Ex-Transit Windsor 601, nee-Santa Clara VTA 1644
  • Leased to Vaughan Transit (later YRT) via National Refurbishing, c1998/99 until 2001?
  • Paint scheme: white with blue stripe left from T.W. livery, City of Vaughan logos.
606 Transit Windsor 606.jpg 1981 1GF4AC8K0AD092939 BK2 773?

(prev. BJ7 977)

VaughanLivery.PNG Can-Ar (Vaughan) Retired
  • Ex-Transit Windsor 606, nee-Santa Clara VTA 1637
  • Leased to Vaughan Transit (later YRT) via National Refurbishing, c1998/99 until 2001.
  • Delivered and operated in service in former T.W. livery with City of Vaughan logos before repainting.
907 1980 91793 BH9 332 VaughanLivery.PNG Can-Ar (Vaughan) Retired
  • Ex-DART 807.
  • Leased to Vaughan Transit (later YRT) via National Refurbishing, 1994 until c2001?
  • Unit does not have separate window openings along tops of side windows like the rest of the units.
  • Had mismatched rear engine compartment with "9238" fleet number at top.
908 1981 1GF4AC8K7AD092937 BK2 788 Can-Ar (Vaughan) Retired
909 1981 BK2 758 VaughanLivery.PNG Can-Ar (Vaughan) Retired