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York Region Transit 619-623 is wheelchair accessible.

York Region Transit 619-623 are ElDorado E-Z Rider II buses built and delivered in 2006. This order confirmed that the E-Z Rider II would become the future standard of 30ft vehicles in York Region. They were ordered to increase service and replace retiring Orion Is.

Although 610-618 were delivered at the same time and in ghost scheme awaiting the new livery, 619-623 were all delivered with the (now old) paint. This means that these are the last buses to be delivered with the old paint scheme. The four remaining units have been repainted into the new scheme as of October 2008, shortly before being reallocated to Can-Ar (Vaughan) by November 1st. 619 and 623 initially had white Y logos both sides, but were taken off after they consistently peeled off the bus.

Upon 1701-1713 entering service, all remaining this series were removed from service around September 2017 and stored. None of the stored units have re-entered service since (except 623), thus it is safe to presume they're all retired.

Previously stored/retired unit 623 (along with 546 and 547) was reactivated, re-plated and put back into service in mid-May 2018 due to a community bus shortage in Southwest Division. A few months later, two of SW's community routes, 560 and 561, were converted into On-Demand services effective July 1st, but the reactivated units lasted on other routes including 589 and 590 until retirement a few months later (623's last run in service was in mid-December 2018).

Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
Cummins ISB Allison B300R 26: American Seating Metropolitan Luminator Horizon


Thumbnail Date VIN License plate Paint Division Status/Disposal Notes
619 York Region Transit 619-a.jpg 2006 1N9FNAC687C084157 354 2BF

(prev. BL8 144)

York Region Transit New scheme.PNG Southwest (Transdev) Retired
Formerly based at North (First Student).
620 York Region Transit 620-b.jpg 2006 1N9FNAC6X7C084158 354 1BF

(prev. BL8 145)

York Region Transit New scheme.PNG Southwest (Transdev) Retired
Formerly based at North (First Student).
621 York Region Transit 621-a.jpg 2006 1N9FNAC617C084159 717 8BJ

(prev. BL8 146)

York Region Transit New scheme.PNG Southwest (Transdev) Retired
Formerly based at North (First Student).
622 York Region Transit 622-a.jpg 2006 1N9FNAC687C084160 BM7 732 York Region Transit Old Complete scheme.PNG North (Laidlaw) Retired
December 2007

Caught fire at Seneca College King Campus.

623 York Region Transit 623-c.jpg 2006 1N9FNAC6X7C084161 220 6BK

(prev. 354 0BF; BM7 731)

York Region Transit New scheme.PNG Southwest (Transdev) Retired
December 2018
  • Formerly based at North (First Student).
  • Initially removed from service in September 2017, but brought back in service in May 2018 due to fleet shortage on community bus routes

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