Wright Gemini 3

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Wright Gemini 3
Years of manufacture 2013 to present
Length 10.5 metres
Width 2550 millimetres

The Wright Gemini 3 is the restyled and updated successor to the Wright Eclipse Gemini 2. It is built on the Volvo B5TL conventional diesel chassis and the Volvo B5LH hybrid chassis. The Gemini 3 shares its appearance with the integral Wright StreetDeck.

Attention was paid to reducing the weight of the vehicle and increasing its efficiency. One noticeable measure is the reduction in height of the upper deck windows. This uses less glass and reduces solar gain. However, there is an option for flush-mounted glazing in addition to a glazed staircase.

Launched as the Eclipse Gemini 3, it had a front end similar to the Eclipse Gemini 2. However it eliminated the old B-pillar on the driver's side and used a strip of LEDs for the running lights in the bumper. The rear was restyled with a more rounded appearance and new window arrangement. A new exterior was introduced at the 2014 Euro Bus Expo. The front features more angular lines and rectilinear headlight cluster.


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