Winnipeg Southwest Rapid Transit Corridor

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Advertisement for the service.

The Southwest Rapid Transit Corridor is a dedicated bus right of way used by Winnipeg Transit in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba. It runs 3.6 kilometres from Queen Elizabeth Way and Stradbrook Avenue, to Pembina Highway and Jubilee Avenue with large steel and glass station at Harkness Street, Osborne Street, and in the Fort Rouge Yards. The stations feature heated waiting areas, benches, and real-time arrival information.


On September 8, 2008, $138 million in funding from all three levels of government for construction of the first stage of the Southwest Rapid Transit Corridor was announced. Construction was approved on October 22, and work began in 2009 with preparation for the tunnel under the rail yards. Street re-alignment was completed by November. Construction of the tunnel and transitway continued into 2010. Station construction began in March 2011, with Harkness being relatively completed by December 2011.

An official grand opening ceremony with promotional rides was held April 5, 2012. Winnipeg Transit and the Manitoba Transit Heritage Association held a special event for members and employees on April 7. Buses from the collection were displayed and operated on the transitway. The corridor opened for regular service April 8, 2012, with the first bus on Route 170 at 06:00 am at Balmoral Station.


A number of routes will be adjusted to use the transitway. Some routes will use the whole transitway and some will use part of it.

  • 60 Pembina (local on-street)
  • 64 Lindenwoods Express (uses Osborne and Harkness)
  • 65 Grant Express (uses Osborne and Harkness)
  • 66 Grant (uses Osborne and Harkness)
  • 84 Whyte Ridge – Pembina (Whyte Ridge/Lindenwoods feeder)
  • 86 Whyte Ridge – Pembina (Whyte Ridge/Lindenwoods feeder)
  • 95 Polo Park – Shaftesbury Park – Pan Am Pool – Riverview (feeder; stops at Fort Rouge Station)
  • 99 Osborne Village – Downtown (feeder for Osborne Village/Exchange District/Downtown)
  • 137 Richmond Super Express (uses all of SWRTC)
  • 160 University of Manitoba – Downtown (uses all of SWRTC)
  • 161 University Super Express (uses all of SWRTC)
  • 162 St. Norbert – University of Manitoba – Downtown (uses all of SWRTC)
  • 163 Waverley Heights Express (uses all of SWRTC)
  • 170 St. Norbert – University of Manitoba – Downtown (uses all of SWRTC)
  • 180 Industrial Express (uses all of SWRTC)
  • 181 Whyte Ridge Express (uses all of SWRTC)
  • 183 Richmond West Express (uses all of SWRTC)
  • 185 Osborne Village Express (uses all of SWRTC)

Possible additions to those routes in the future:

  • 39 Taylor Park and Ride Express