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White - 706
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The White 706 was a transit bus built by White Motor Company. These buses are most recognizable for their longtime service at Yellowstone National Park (through the National Park Service) and at Glacier National Park. The buses at Glacier National Park were referred to as "Reds" or "Jammers", because of the sound the gears made when shifting. Glacier National Park still operates 33 of the original buses, and Yellowstone National Park runs seven of the original 98.

Glacier National Park's buses were modified with automatic transmissions in 1989, and the bodies were modified again between 2000-2002 with the bodies being placed on Ford E-Series van chassis by the Ford Motor Company is conjuction with TransGlobal.

Yellowstone's buses were restored in 2007 entirely by TransGlobal.


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  • Gettysburg National Battlefield - Gettysburg, PA
  • Glacier National Park - Montana
  • Plymouth & Brockton Street Railway Company - Plymouth, MA
  • Yellowstone National Park (National Park Service)
  • Yosemite National Park - California