Whitby Transit 9821-9822

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Whitby Transit 9821-9822 were 1998 Orion 06.501 buses.

These buses have seating for 32 passengers or two wheelchairs with a reduction in seating. The seats are in an all perimeter arrangement to the end of the fuel tank on the door's side and the wheelchair area on the driver's side, and a transverse arrangement to the rear with one perimeter seat between the curbside wheel well and rear door. Seat frames are in medium blue and seat inserts are in Holdsworth YSW24954 moquette. These buses a wheelchair ramp at the front door and touch bar operated rear doors. Heating and ventilation are provided by a roof-mounted Thermo King unit. Passenger windows have a fixed transom with split horizontal sliding lower sash. These buses are equipped with GFI Cents A Bill fare boxes.

At some point in their Whitby Transit careers, the buses received electronic destination signs in lieu of the original rollsigns.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination sign
Detroit Diesel Series 50 275 hp Allison B400R Luminator MAX


Thumbnail Date VIN License plate Status/Disposal Notes
9821 1998 1VH669P77W6040344 To Durham Region Transit 8321 in January 2006.
9822 1998 1VH669P79W6040345 To Durham Region Transit 8322 in January 2006.