Whitby Transit 9730-9732

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Whitby Transit 9730-9732 were 1997 Orion Bus Industries 05.501 buses.

They were part of an order built for Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) in 1997, but rejected and sold at a reduced price by Orion. They were originally acquired by Coach USA/Red & Tan in 1997, and then transferred to Coach Canada.

These buses are built to full WMATA specifications, which included telling exterior features such as single stream rear door, two side destination sign displays, and extra turn signals mounted high at the rear. The interior also is telling of the system the bus was originally to be built for, with light blue vinyl cushioned seats, woodgrain walls in the passenger area, light brown driver's area, and light blue floor. The buses have a single stream push bar operated rear door which is close by the driver.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination sign
Detroit Diesel Series 50 275 hp Allison B400R 5 speed 42: American Seating Model 6466 Luminator MAX


Thumbnail Date VIN License plate Status/Disposal Notes
9730 1997 2B1569P71V6033268 To Durham Region Transit 8330 in January 2006.
9731 1997 2B1569P71V6033450 To Durham Region Transit 8331 in January 2006.
9732 1997 2B1569P7XV6033267 To Durham Region Transit 8332 in January 2006.