Whitby Transit 9011-9015

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Whitby Transit 9011-9015 were 1990 Orion 05.501 buses.

Each bus can seat 45 passengers. The first three seats on either side are angled forward and have thick blue vinyl cushions. Seating to the rear door have medium blue frames with padded blue vinyl inserts. Seating past the rear door is the same but with fibreglass inserts. These buses have push bar operated rear doors. The buses are not air conditioned and have sliding transom passenger windows.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination sign
Detroit Diesel 6V92TA Voith D863.2 6 steel framed cushioned, 39 American Seating Model 6468


Thumbnail Date VIN License plate Status/Disposal Notes
9011 1990 2B1569772L5030169 BE4 514 To Durham Region Transit 8311 in January 2006.
9012 1990 2B1569779L5030170 BF2 153 To Durham Region Transit 8312 in January 2006.
9013 1990 2B1569770L5030171 BF2 152 To Durham Region Transit 8313 in January 2006.
9014 1990 2B1569772L5030172 BF2 151 To Durham Region Transit 8314 in January 2006.
9015 1990 2B1569774L5030173 To Durham Region Transit 8315 in January 2006.