Whitby Transit 0424-0429

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Whitby Transit 0424-0429 were 2004 Nova Bus LFS buses. These buses are the first buses for Whitby Transit to be equipped with air conditioning and LED destination signs.

The buses have seating for 36 passengers or 29 passengers and two wheelchairs. The seats are in an all perimeter arrangement in the low floor section while the seats on and behind the wheel wells are in a transverse arrangement. The vehicle has a full low floor throughout in a charcoal Altro floor with a grid of circular bumps. Seat frames are in medium blue and seat inserts are in blue vinyl. These buses have a wide front door with a wheelchair ramp and a narrow rear door that uses an optic sensor for operation by passengers. Heating, cooling and ventilation are provided by a roof-mounted Carrier unit. Passenger windows have a fixed transom with split horizontal sliding lower sash. These buses are equipped with GFI Cents A Bill fare boxes.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination sign
Cummins ISL 280 hp Allison B400R 36 American Seating Model 6468 Luminator Horizon


Thumbnail Date VIN License plate Status/Disposal Notes
0424 2004 2NVYL82U643000108 To Durham Region Transit 8324 in January 2006.
0425 2004 2NVYL82U843000109 To Durham Region Transit 8325 in January 2006.
0426 2004 2NVYL82U443000110 To Durham Region Transit 8326 in January 2006.
0427 2004 2NVYL82U643000111 To Durham Region Transit 8327 in January 2006.
0428 2004 2NVYL82U843000112 To Durham Region Transit 8328 in January 2006.
0429 2004 2NVYL82UX43000113 To Durham Region Transit 8329 in January 2006.