Western Flyer Coach D700A

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Flyer Industries D700A
Flyer D700A
Years of manufacture 1969 to 1973
Length 40 feet
Width 102 inches

The Western Flyer Coach D700A was their first transit bus to be sold in large numbers. The D700 was only produced as prototypes and demonstrators. The D700 and D700A are similar in appearance with only minor differences.

Flyer delivered a D700A prototype to AM General in the United States where they would build the buses under license for the US market. AMG redesigned the D700A, adding larger rectangular windows and a different front end, and sold it as the Metropolitan. Flyer adopted these design changes on its own vehicles in 1974 and called it the D800.


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Preserved units

Year Thumbnail Serial Original owner Fleet number Current owner
1972 ? Toronto Transit Commission 7521 Seashore Trolley Museum
Flyer Industries
Models Diesel: D700A - D800 - D800B - D900 - D901 - D901A - D902

Electric: E700A - E800 - E800B - E901A - E902