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The Volvo D13 is an inline 13 litre diesel engine. It boast high fuel-efficiency and high performance with excellent low-end torque for improved drivability. The new variable geometry turbo also makes the engine very responsive while improving fuel economy.

The D13 is available with Volvos I-VEB engine brake. At 1500 rpm the I-VEB puts out 310 braking hp. At 2200 rpm, it absorbs 450 hp. The I-VEB is controlled by a new brake stalk switch, allowing three engine brake increments.

An oil drain interval of up to 35,000 miles helps in reducing operating costs. The Volvo D13 engine delivers a reliable, cost-effective and powerful solution—in a light, high-performance package—for a wide variety of applications. The 435 hp model is used in Prevost's coaches.

To meet EPA 2007, the D13 uses cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and a diesel partculate filter (DPF). To further reduce NOx emmisions to meet EPA 2010, the engine will use selective catalytic reduction (SCR). Volvo's SCR process also improves fuel economy and reduces emissions of CO2. Volvo's system to meet 2010 eliminates active regenerations of the DPF and this saves additional fuel and requires no action by the operator.[1]


  • D13 335
  • D13 375
  • D13 405
  • D13 425
  • D13 435
  • D13 485


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