Volvo Buses B7TL

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Volvo Buses B7TL
Transdev London United VLE12-a.JPG
Volvo B7TL with East Lancs Myllenium Vyking body
Years of manufacture 1999 to 2006
Length 10.1 or 10.6 metres
Width 2500 milimetres

The Volvo Buses B7TL is a low floor double deck bus chassis with a transversely mounted 7.3 litre engine at the rear. It was introduced in 1998 and entered production the following year, replacing the Olympian. The B7TL was replaced by the two-axle B9TL in 2006.

To gauge reaction, Volvo introduced a low floor double deck chassis in 1997 that shared its drivetrain configuration with the B7L. The transverse engine placement of the B7TL was a response to British operators wanting a shorter rear overhang. Much of the design of the B7TL is still shared with the B7L.[1] Examples of the double deck B7L were built in smaller numbers, most notably 12-metre, three-axle buses for operators in Glasgow and Denmark.

The B7TL could be fitted with the Walter Alexander Coachbuilders (later TransBus International and Alexander Dennis) ALX400, East Lancashire Coachbuilders Vyking/Millennium Vyking, Plaxton President, and Wright Eclipse Gemini.[2]



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