Volvo Buses B10MA

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Volvo Buses B10MA
Volvo Buses B10MA
Volvo Buses B10M Articulated Front
Years of manufacture ? to ? (Worldwide)
1981, 1984 to 1985 (U.S.)
Length Up to 18 meters
Width Up to 2590 millimeters
Power/Fuel Diesel
San Mateo County Transit District 113-b.JPG
Volvo Buses B10M Articulated Rear

The Volvo Buses B10MA or B10M Articulated was a standard floor articulated bus. It features a 9.6L engine mounted horizontally near the middle of the chassis between the first and second axles. The advantages of having an engine mounted in the tractor section of the bus include improved vehicle stability and better vehicle weight distribution.

Volvo began its B10MA bus demonstration in the United States in 1981, starting with New Jersey Transit. The following year, the B10MA was offered to North American market. A number of North American suppliers provided components such as doors, windows, and seating for the B10MA. The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority was the first agency to place an order with Volvo, taking delivery of 50 buses in 1984. Their first unit was delivered on 7/24/1984. This was followed by a 15 bus order by the San Mateo County Transit District and a 110 bus order from New Jersey Transit in 1985. Volvo secured an order from OC Transpo for 34 buses in October 1985. However in 1986, Volvo decided to exit the North American bus market due to financial pressures. As a result, the contract for OC Transpo was canceled and awarded to Ontario Bus Industries instead.[1] A total of 175 buses were built for the U.S. market, not including the prototype/demonstrator.


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VIN/Serial Engine Transmission Notes
No #
Volvo Buses B10MA U.S. Demonstrator-a.jpg
Volvo Buses B10MA U.S. Demonstrator-b.jpg
1981 20130 Volvo THD-100EK ZF 4HP590


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