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The Vintage Electric Streetcar Company (sometimes known as the Windber Trolley Graveyard) is located at the end of 19th Street (east of Graham Avenue/PA Rte. 160) in Windber, PA. The property is PRIVATE, and people accessing the property may be subject to fines/imprisonment for trespassing.

Access to the site is by appointment only. Tours were once handled by an outside company, but in 2017 were handled locally. Tours cost $30 in 2017 and were offered a few times during the year, with the first in the spring. Tours last from 10am to 3pm and began with a brief history and safety talk before visitors are allowed to explore the site.[1]

Trolleys are represented from the following agencies: Chicago Transit Authority (also Chicago Surface Lines), GCRTA, MBTA, PA Transit, New Hope Steam Railway (although lettered for Trenton, New Hope, and Lambertville Street Railway), Twin City Rapid Transit Company, SEPTA and TTC.

All-time roster

This roster may be incomplete and/or outdated.

At last record, the Vintage Electric Streetcar Company holds approximately 50 rail passenger cars on their property in Windber, PA. All vehicles are in various conditions, and none are known to be in operation. Passenger cars that are able to be salvaged close to entirety are stored in a shop on the premises.

Shaded entries indicate cars that are no longer part of Vintage Electric Streetcar Company. Notable removals from the all-time roster include six cars that are presently in use by Kenosha Area Transit, in Wisconsin.



Thumbnail Year Manufacturer Model Motors Notes
20 1949 St. Louis Streamliner Received in 1986.
56, 58 1947 St. Louis PCC

Order 1660

Received in 1982.
73, 77, 89,
91, 93
1947 Pullman-Standard PCC

Order W-6820

Received in 1987.
362 1925-1926 St. Louis Birney Received in 1984.
1951 St. Louis PCC II
Rapid Transit Car
Received in 1994.
  • Five married pair cars.
  • Ex-SEPTA, same numbers.
  • Exx-CTA, 6175-6176, 6079-6080, 6139-6140, 6151-6152, 6161-6152.
1703, 1736, 1738,
1741, 1750-1751,
1754, 1771, 1777
1947 St. Louis PCC

Order 1669

Received in 1995.
2103, 2190,
2261, 2269-2271,
2274, 2279, 2283,
2290, 2724[2]
1946-1954 St. Louis PCC Received around 1985.
3229, 3242,
3244, 3246-3247,
3252, 3255-3256,
3259, 3261,
3285, 3326, 3346[3]
1945-1951 Pullman PCC Received around 1992.
  • Ex-MBTA, same numbers.
  • Exx-BER, same numbers.
  • Green and white livery.
  • 3285 in gold livery, converted line car.
  • 3326 is a converted sand car.
4524 1951 St. Louis PCC
Ex-TTC, same fleet number.
4606, 4609-4610,
1951 CC&F PCC
VESC owned vehicles from 1996-2000.

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