Van Hool T2100 Series

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Van Hool T2100 Series
Years of manufacture 1996 to 2014
Length 40 or 45 feet
Width 102 in
Power/Fuel Diesel

The Van Hool T2100 Series is a luxury motorcoach that was available in Canada and the United States. It was available in a 40-foot (T2140E) or 45-foot (T2145E) length. A conversion shell version of the T2100 Series, known as the S2100, was also offered.


The T2100 Series was introduced in 1996 and was based on the T9 Acron introduced in Europe the year prior.[1] The similarly named North American T900 Series, which had more in common with the T800 Series, remained in production until 2000.

Whereas the T800 and T900 Series were almost exclusively powered by Cummins diesel engines, the T2100 was available with Detroit Diesel and CAT engines in addition to the Cummins engine.

The T2100 looked similar to the European T9, however it had more pronounced bumpers and a three-piece windshield. Around the mid-2000s, the front of the T2100 received a facelift with a two-piece windshield and individual projector headlamps replacing the rectangular sealed beam headlamps. Also part of the update was a consolidated driver console.

Debuting in August 2008, the T2100 was restyled with a lower front fascia similar to the C2000 Series. This model added an E at the end of the model designation (the T2145 became the T2145E for example). The rear was soon restyled as well. The tail lights were updated from the stacked, rectangular design to the design used on the T9 in Europe. The rear was further revised in 2010 with the addition of a chrome strip above the license plate, between the tail lights.

Iinterior lighting was originally provided by a strip of fluorescent lighting running alongside each set of parcel racks. This was replaced in 2005 with rows of small round white LED fixtures that also had green LEDs for night lights. More squared parcel racks, which accommodated larger video monitors, would later become available as an option. Wood-grain flooring, which began to become popular on coaches, was made an option for 2011 along with the Sky View glass roof.

In November 2013, Van Hool launched the TX40 and TX45.[2] This next generation of touring coach, part of the TX Series, soon replaced the T2100 Series.



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