Van Hool C2000 Series

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Van Hool C2045E
Van Hool C2045E
Years of manufacture 2000 to 2014
Length 45 feet
Width 102 in
Power/Fuel Diesel
Van Hool C2045E

The Van Hool C2000 Series is a North American motorcoach. It was introduced as a lower-cost coach intended for long-haul line duty. The coach was available in a 45 foot version only, called the C2045. The model with a wheelchair lift was known as the C2045L.


The C2000 Series was developed by Van Hool in co-operation with ABC Companies, their American dealer. ABC Companies's customers wanted a coach that had the styling of the T2100 Series with more basic and economical features. The C2000 was launched at the 2000 UMA Expo in Orlando, Florida.

In 2004, the C2000 received flush-mounted passenger windows to enhance its look. Van Hool introduced a redesigned version of the coach in 2006 known as the C2045E. The coach had restyled headlight clusters with hinged covers, more sweeping lines over the fenders, and restyled rear with an option for a rear window. Inside, the rows of fluorescent cabin lighting was replaced in with rows of small round LED fixtures which also have green LEDs for night lights. The parcel rack doors became more rounded. Another design that could accommodate larger video monitors became an option soon after.

The 2011-model C2000 received further updates. Van Hool made the Sky View glass roof an option as well as wood-grain flooring, which has began to become popular on coaches. The baggage doors received taller rub rails for increased durability. The front steps were redesigned with a spiral layout and reshaped steps.

An evolution of the C2045, called the CX45, was introduced in 2013 replacing the C2045 by 2014.

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