Valley Metro 8511-8520

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Valley Metro 8511-8520 are New Flyer D60LFA buses built in 2008. They were used to launch the LINK bus rapid transit system in December 2008.

Each bus seats 56 passengers and has space for two wheelchairs with a reduction in seating. The buses touts environmental friendliness and efficiency with EPA 2007 compliant engines and 407c Freon refridgerant. Adding further to these qualities, the buses feature LED lighting and seat upholstery made from recycled waterbottles.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
Cummins ISL ZF 6HP594C 56: USSC Aries Luminator Horizon


Fleet number Thumbnail Date VIN License Plates Operator Status/Disposal Notes
8511 2008 5FYD7YU108B034244 G-686FL First Transit (RPTA) Active
8512 2008 5FYD7YU128B034245 G-687FL First Transit (RPTA) Active
8513 2008 5FYD7YU148B034246 G-688FL First Transit (RPTA) Active
8514 2008 5FYD7YU168B034247 G-689FL First Transit (RPTA) Active
8515 2008 5FYD7YU188B034248 G-690FL First Transit (RPTA) Active
8516 2008 5FYD7YU1X8B034249 G-691FL First Transit (RPTA) Active
8517 2008 5FYD7YU168B034250 G-692FL First Transit (RPTA) Active
8518 2008 5FYD7YU188B034251 G-693FL First Transit (RPTA) Active
8519 2008 5FYD7YU1X8B034252 G-694FL First Transit (RPTA) Active
8520 2008 5FYD7YU118B034253 G-695FL First Transit (RPTA) Active