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York Region Transit Logo-stacked.jpg
Number of Branches 5 (2 arms, 2 legs, 1 head)
Distance 5'8"
Types of buses used New Flyer D40LF Wc15.JPG, EZ Rider II Wc15.JPG, Classic, Orion VI Wc15.JPG
Division Stouffville

YRTeen is a teenage transit enthuasist, operating on YRT in Stouffville, ON.


This transit enthuasist rides 3 main routes:

  • 1 School - M-S Hospital
  • 9 M-S Hospital - Parkview Village
  • 15 Parkview Village - Home

He occasionally connects to Purple at Main Street Markham and Highway 7.


YRTeen first became involved with transit at a young age. When living in Scarborough, his parents frequently took him downtown on the subway/SRT. He enjoyed sitting at the front of the train, which is unfortunate because the front of westbound Bloor trains is far away from the stairs to northbound Yonge trains at Bloor-Yonge station.

He also enjoyed collecting transfers at every station; his collection contained the old coloured transfers from across the city.

In 1996, he collected his first transit map, dated February 1996, a few days before his 5th birthday.

In 1999, he moved to transit-deprived Stouffville. He still enjoyed taking the subway downtown, as his parents drove to a fringe station (usually Don Mills or Finch, and before the Sheppard line opened McCowan and Scarborough Centre) and parked there. During this time, he created LDTS (Legoland and District Transit System), and operated it in his basement. It currently has 13 bus routes, 4 interlined subway routes with 19 stations, and 1 streetcar rapid transit line.

In 2004, much to his delight, YRT started operating local transit service in Stouffville. This opened his horizion to agencies other than the TTC. It also allowed his interest to spread from just subways to buses and streetcars as well.

He became involved with the online transit community when searching for subway pictures online. He found the Toronto Subway site (in the process of being transfered to Transit Toronto), and TransitNOW. This increased his interest in transit, and learned the different models and makes of buses, streetcars and subways.

During Summer 2006, he took both his first independent bus ride and first YRT ride, as he was taking summer school and could not be dropped off/picked up by car. This was a temporary arrangement; it only lasted into July, when he was relegated to Stouffville.

This temporary arrangement lead to another change: In September 2006, he joined the new CPTDB, becoming member 305. This experiment was not successful, however, and he left the board in November of that year.

The CPTDB routing returned; in March 2007, he spoted vehicle 2028 in the experimental blue paint scheme. This sparked his interest again, and desiring to report this, he reactivated his account. This time, this arrangement has become permanent.

In July 2007, he was upgraded to full-time CPTDB Wiki editor. Since then, he has created almost all of the current YRT route history pages. He has also striven to create a standard for route histories.


His all-time favourite vehicle is YRT 562 (Eldorado EZ Rider II), but he also is attached to YRT 403, 575 (D40LFs), VIVA 5203 (AG300) and TTC 1211 (VII NG).

Buses in order of liking:

  • Any 30ft violation on 9/15
  • Any YRT bus in new scheme
  • Eldorados (EZ Rider II)
  • AG300, A330 and variations
  • VII NG (/HEV)
  • VII
  • V
  • VI
  • RTS
  • Classic (A/C)
  • Fishbowl
  • I
  • Classic (non A/C)
  • LFS
  • SoLo
  • SLF

Subway cars in order of liking:

  • T1 (much to the dislike of other members)
  • H6
  • M1
  • H5
  • H1-4

High Schools

YRTeen attends Markham DHS on Church St.