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Locale All over the place
Founded 1997
Home route(s) VIA Rail Canada Corridor service
Favorite Vehicle(s) Nova Bus LFS, Grande West Vicinity, Alexander Dennis Enviro500, UTDC ICTS, 500 Series Shinkansen
Preferred Bus Drivetrain Cummins/BAE HybriDrive

User "New Flyer D40LFR" (YouTube: ICTSProductions, Flickr: ICTSPhotography) is a transit/rail enthusiast living in Markham, ON. and currently studying at Queen's University in Kingston, ON. He travels frequently and can be found pretty much everywhere.

Ground/Rail Public Transit Vehicles travelled in (incomplete)

This user has previously travelled in (or will be travelling in) the following ground/rail public transport vehicles:

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This user has travelled on (or will travel on) the following aircraft (and magnetically-suspended vehicles).

Ground/Rail Transit Companies travelled on

This user has travelled on (or will be on) ground/rail vehicles from the following transit agencies/operators:


Some photos that this user has uploaded onto CPTDB Wiki. | Visit this user's Flickr page for more photos (transit and otherwise).