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Express691, or Juan M. Sanchez, is a transit enthusiast from Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

CPTDB Details

I have been a part of the Canadian Public Transit Discussion Board since July 2013 and became a wiki editor several months after, in September 2014. I mainly contribute to the Coast Mountain Bus Company section of the Wiki, though on my spare time I contribute to several New Flyer VIN pages.

CPTDB Profile


I started taking transit photos in 2012, though my photos would not improve until late 2015/early 2016. I upload my photos onto my own Flickr.

Videos are rarely posted onto my YouTube Channel.

Below are the cameras used for taking pictures:

Camera Period
Samsung Galaxy S2


Samsung Galaxy Note 3


Samsung Galaxy S7+


Nikon D5200(Main Camera)


Sony DSC-S750 Point and Shoot



  • Campaign assistant at SkyTrainforSurrey
  • Pictures featured in various Vancity Buzz/Daily Hive Vancouver and 604NOW articles
  • Campaigned against Light Rail in Surrey under SkyTrain For Surrey
  • Rode first Evergreen Extension train in revenue service from Coquitlam Central Station in 2016
  • Acting customer service rep in various local news articles about Transit in Vancouver
  • First to create a video explanation on Translink's Compass Card, weeks before TransLink released their version
  • Influenced TransLink to update a list of buses being ordered in 2016 on the Buzzer Blog
  • Wikipedia editor as of Fall 2017
  • VIP at TransLink's AGM along with a tour of VAncouver Transit Centre in June 2019