TriMet 1809-1816

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TriMet 1809-1816 is wheelchair accessible.

TriMet 1809-1816 were 1993 Flxible Metro D LNG (40102-6CG) buses.

They ran in service throughout their time at TriMet until they were retired in late 2000 due to a lack of replacement LNG fuel pumps.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
Cummins L10G 240hp Voith D863.2-W7 Luminator


Thumbnail Build
VIN License
Status/Disposal Notes
1809 9/1993 1GF5ANXKXPD103486 E191201 Retired
1810 9/1993 1GF5ANXK1PD103487 E191202 Retired
1811 9/1993 1GF5ANXK3PD103488 E191203 Retired
1812 9/1993 1GF5ANXK5PD103489 Retired
1813 9/1993 1GF5ANXK1PD103490 Retired
1814 9/1993 1GF5ANXK3PD103491 Retired
1815 9/1993 1GF5ANXK5PD103492 Retired
1816 9/1993 1GF5ANXK7PD103493 Retired