Transportation Manufacturing Corporation T-30 CityCruiser

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TMC - T-30 CityCruiser
TMC - T-30 CityCruiser
Years of manufacture 1979 to 1982
Length 30 feet (31' 7")
Width 96 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel

The Transportation Manufacturing Corporation T-30 CityCruiser was a small transit bus sold in the United States. It was the Ontario Bus Industries Orion transit bus produced by TMC under license beginning in 1979. OBI eventually bought back the rights to produce the Orion in the United States, therefore TMC ended production in 1982.

The CityCruiser featured a slightly different destination sign area than the Orion. Though like the Orion, it was available with the characteristic single piece front door or double piece plug type front door.





  • Front: Rockwell Standard "I" beam center type (model FF-931) with maximum load rating of 12,000 pounds
  • Rear: Rockwell Standard heavy-duty full floating type (model R-143) with maximum load rating of 23,000 pounds. Axle gear ratio is 5.57:1, providing 56 miles per hour at 2,600 engine RPM with 10.00 x 20 tires.


  • Basic bus is equipped with six wheels, 8.25 x 22.5 rims with 6-5/8" offset, 7/16" disc thickness and 10-stud holes with 11-1/4" bolt circle. As an option, tube type wheels can be provided. Only stud type mounted wheels are available.


Approved tire sizes and minimum ratings are:

  • 10.00 x 20 - tube type - min. - F rated
  • 11.00 x 22.5 - tubeless - min. - F rated


  • Front: Self-adjusting S-cam type, cast iron drums with 16-1/2" inside diameter and 6" wide lining, total lining area of 384 sq. in.
  • Rear: Self-adjusting S-cam type, cast iron drums with 16-1/2" inside diameter and 10" wide lining, total lining area of 640 sq. in.

Air System:

  • Air compressor gear-driven off engine camshaft and lubricated by engine oil. Air reservoirs consist of six 1,190 cu. in. tanks, each equipped with manual drain valves. Air dryer provided to extract moisture from system. Annealed copper air lines used in underfloor areas.


  • Front: Full air system incorporating two rolling lobe type air springs mounted between axle pads and underside of vehicle. Height control valve and two heavy-duty shock absorbers are provided. Axle position controlled by radius rods.
  • Rear: Full air system incorporating beam frame mounted to axle. Four rolling lobe type air springs installed between beam and body structure at maximum dimensions off center. Four heavy-duty shock absorbers and two height control valves are provided. Axle position controlled by radius rods.


  • Power assisted. Engine-driven pump provides fluid power for hydraulic system. Copper hydraulic lines connect engine bulkhead to steering gear box; flexible hydraulic fittings make connections at each end. Saginaw steering gear (model 710 D12) with ratio of 24:1 with 5.9 turns lock to lock. Steering column is three-position tilt type. Steering wheel is molded plastic over metal with two spokes, 22" diameter.


  • Spicer 1600 series, short coupled, flange-mounted at both ends. Shaft guard included.

Engine accessories:

  • Engine and transmission assembly mounted inline at rear, easily removable as one unit. Air compressor and hydraulic pump flange mounted to engine, gear-driven from engine camshafts.

Engine oil filter:

  • Center stud mounting type with 45 micron rating. Crankcase oil capacity is 19 quarts.

Exhaust System:

  • Single muffler mounted vertically in engine compartment. Stainless steel flexible tubing connects turbocharger manifold to muffler. Exhaust routed through upper left hand rear corner of vehicle.

Air Cleaner:

  • Dry type located in engine compartment. Engine air is drawn through louvered panel on right side at rear corner of vehicle into large plenum chamber where any water in air is drained.

Fuel Tank:

  • Welded steel tank, 90 gallon capacity, transverse-mounted under passenger floor behind front wheels. Filler pipe located on curbside of vehicle. Fuel filter, fuel strainer and check valve mounted in right side of engine compartment.


  • Located at left rear side of vehicle, has bolt-on brass tanks, copper tubes and 750 sq. in. frontal area. 26" diameter, high-performance fan mounted within shroud, driven by hydraulic motor, thermostatically controlled to provide cooling at required temperature level. Surge tank is stainless steel, located above and ahead of radiator, equipped with 7 pound pressure relief valve. Water hoses are silicone-type with stainless steel clamps.


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  • Transportes de Baja California Azul Y Blanco J. Magallanes S.A. De C.V. - Tijuana, Baja California

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