Transdev Québec 807-812

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Transdev Québec 807-812 are MCI J4500 coaches built in 2008.

The coaches were originally purchased for special contracted AMT express routes between Vaudreuil and Côte-Vertu and between L’Île-des-Sœurs and Longueuil. The routes were cancelled due to controversy over the private operation and amenities offered on the coaches. The vehicles were instead directed to Transdev Limocar's existing contract with CIT Roussillon.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination sign
Detroit Diesel Series 60 Allison B500R


Thumbnail Date VIN License plate Status Notes
807338 2008 2M93JMFA88W064966 A 38179 Active: exo Sud-Ouest
808338 2008 2M93JMFA18W064968 A 38180 Active: exo Sud-Ouest
809338 Conseil Intermunicipale de Transport du Sud-Ouest 809338.jpg 2008 2M93JMHA48W064539 A 38181 Active: exo Sud-Ouest
810228 2008 2M93JMFA08W064962 A 81625 Active: exo Roussillon
811228 Conseil intermunicipal de transport Roussillon 811228-a.jpg 2008 2M93JMEA58W064733 A 87620
(prev. A 61826)
Active: exo Roussillon
812058 2008 A 38178 Active: Limocar