Régie intermunicipale de transport des Collines

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Régie Intermunicipale de transport des Collines
Transcollines logo.png
Transcollines logo
Founded 2013
Head office 5, rue Principale Ouest, La Pêche (Sainte-Cécile-de-Masham)
Fleet size 7 (contracted)[1]
Number of routes 16[2]
Annual ridership 180,000[3]

The Régie intermunicipale de transport des Collines (Intermunicipal transportation board of Les Collines, branded Transcollines) is public transportation agency in the regional county municipality of Les Collines-de-l'Outaouais, Québec. Transcollines began its operations on June 15th, 2015.[4]


In 2011, the regional county municipality of Les Collines-de-l'Outaouais tasked various consultants with studying the possibility of replacing subcontracted Société de transport de l'Outaouais (STO) services and combining paratransit services in its territory. An intermunicipal board was formed in 2013 to replace the eight transit and paratransit organizations serving the communities north of Gatineau, Québec with a simplified administrative and operational structure.[5]

Service was due to begin in the autumn of 2014,[6] but was postponed to 2015. Modifications to the service plan were made after public hearings revealed citizens' dissatisfaction.[7] Contract was awarded to Autobus Campeau.[8]


STO's MULTI card will be the fare media in use for Transcollines. Intra title allows movement inside Transcollines territory only, whilst Regular title allows boarding on multiple corridors and movements from/to Gatineau. Combined passes give access to STO and OC Transpo.

Category Intra Regular Combined
Regular 58$ 100$ 110$
Student 26$ 68$ 79$
Senior 23$ 44$ 55$
Single trip
4.25$ 4.25$ 5,50$


Local routes

Local routes are numbered 900-999, and each decade is dedicated to a specific area or service. Even-numbered route aim at serving Les Collines communities, whereas odd-numbered are Gatineau-bound commuter routes. Routes marked with an asterisk (*) offer holiday departures. The ones marked with a dagger () offer mid-day round-trips, whereas the ones marked with a double-dagger () offer reverse-peak service.

92X Corridor : La Pêche & Chelsea

Connection with Rapibus at Galeries station. Routes marked "Express" use Autoroute 5.

  • 921‡ : Sainte-Cécile-de-Masham ― Gatineau via Wakefield (Express)
  • 923* : Wakefield ― Gatineau (Local) via R-105
    • Replaces STO route 14
  • 925† : Sainte-Cécile-de-Masham ― Gatineau (Local) via Mine Road

93X Corridor : Cantley

Connection with Rapibus.

  • 931*† : Cantley - Gatineau (La Gappe station) via Bouchette street
    • Replaces STO route 16
  • 933 : Cantley - Gatineau (La Gappe station) via Sainte-Élizabeth Road
    • Replaces part of STO route 15
  • 934‡ : Cantley - Gatineau (La Gappe station) via Montée de la Source
  • 935 : Cantley - Gatineau (Cité station) via Montée Paiement

94X Corridor : Val-des-Monts

Connection with Rapibus at Cité station.

  • 941*†‡ : Pekins - Gatineau via Lorrain Boulevard
  • 943 : Pekins - Gatineau via Fogarty Road

99X Corridor : On-demand Service

  • 992 : Chelsea (Hollow Glen) - Gatineau (Pink Terminus)
  • 994 : Poltimore - Perkins via Saint-Pierre-de-Wakefield
  • 996 : Poltimore - Cantley via Saint-Pierre-de-Wakefield

Cancelled routes

  • 922 : Chelsea (Hollow Glen) - Gatineau via Chelsea (Old Chelsea) and Cité-des-Jeunes
  • 936 : Mont-Cascades ― Cantley
  • 942 : Perkins - Gatineau (Cité Station) via Montée Paiement
  • 960 : Cantley ― Sainte-Cécile-de-Masham via Gatineau
  • 944 : Poltimore - Perkins via Saint-Pierre-de-Wakefield
  • 946 : Poltimore - Cantley via Saint-Pierre-de-Wakefield

Regional routes

  • 148 : Isle-aux-Allumettes ― Gatineau ― Ottawa


Transcollines network relies on a wide network of Park & Ride (Parc-o-Bus) facilities, all equipped with bus shelters.

La Pêche & Chelsea corridor

  • Sainte-Cécile-de-Masham Park & Ride (with shelter)
    • Bibliothèque de La Pêche, Passe-Partout Street, La Pêche
  • Wakefield Park & Ride (with shelter)
    • Wakefield Community Centre, Valley Road, La Pêche
  • Locomotive Park & Ride (with shelter)
    • Table-Tournante Park, La Pêche
  • Farm Point Park & Ride
    • Saint-Clément Church, Saint-Clément Road, Chelsea
  • Old Chelsea Park & Ride
    • Saint Stephen Church, Old Chelsea Road, Chelsea

Cantley corridor

  • Denis Park & Ride
    • Denis Park, Denis Road, Cantley
  • Mont-Joël Park & Ride
    • Marsolais and Mont-Joël Streets, Cantley
  • Bâtisseurs Park & Ride
    • Cantley Town Hall, Montée de la Source Road, Cantley
  • Hogan Park & Ride
    • Montée de la Source and Hogan Street, Cantley

Val-des-Monts corridor

  • Faubourg Park & Ride
    • Montée Paiement Road, Val-des-Monts
  • Nakkertok Park & Ride
    • 62 Carrefour Road, Saint-Pierre-de-Wakefield
  • Perkins Park & Ride (with shelter)
    • Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue Church, Carrefour Road, Perkins
  • Pointe-Déziel Park & Ride (with shelter)
    • Val-des-Monts Town Hall, Carrefour Road, Saint-Pierre-de-Wakefield
  • Poltimore Park & Ride
    • Saint-Germain Park, Principale Road, Poltimore

Fleet roster[11]

In service

Fleet number(s) Thumbnail Year Manufacturer Model Engine Transmission Seating Notes
C1-C3 Régie intermunicipale de transport des Collines C2-a.jpg 2015 GMC
GM Duramax 6.6L 24
C10 Régie intermunicipale de transport des Collines C10-a.jpg 2007 Nova Bus LFS Suburban Cummins ISL Ex Autobus La Québécoise (CITSV 0706)
C11-C12 Régie intermunicipale de transport des Collines C11-a.jpg 2015 Nova Bus LFS Suburban Cummins ISL9 Replaced temporary units C8-C9
  • Unknown fleet number.
  • Paratransit unit.
C15-C16 Régie intermunicipale de transport des Collines C16-a.jpg 2016 Ford
Ford V10 6.8L gasoline
C18 2017 Freightliner
Cummins ISB6.7 Allison 2500 33 Used on route 148.
C19-C20 2019 Freightliner
Thomas Built Buses
Saf-T-Liner C2
Cummins B6.7 Allison 2500 33

On order

Fleet number(s) Thumbnail Year Manufacturer Model Engine Transmission Seating Notes


Fleet number(s) Thumbnail Year Manufacturer Model Engine Transmission Seating Notes
C6-C7 2015 Grande West Vicinity
C8-C9 2011 Nova Bus LFS Cummins ISL9
  • Temporary units.
  • Ex-Nova demonstrators.
  • Flush-mounted windows.
C14 Prévost H3-45
  • Used on route 148.
  • ex Parti Quebequois campaign bus
No number 2014 Yaxing Vicinity
  • Temporary unit.
  • Vicinity demo.

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