Toronto Transit Commission W500-W519

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Toronto Transit Commission W500-W519 is wheelchair accessible.

Toronto Transit Commission W500-W519 are Creative Carriage/Ram ProMaster CS-2 buses built in 2017. These buses are used exclusively on Wheel-Trans service. They are smaller and lighter than current Wheel-Trans buses, in addition to being more maneuverable. It was decided that the TTC should pursue smaller vehicles, a five-year lifespan, and "off-the-shelf" designs.[1]

The buses were purchased as part of the Metrolinx Transit Procurement Initiative (TPI) minibus contract. Metrolinx released RFP-2016-TPI-009 in September 2016, receiving one proposal from Creative Carriage. The proposal scored slightly below the minimum requirement of 70 percent for technical evaluation. As there was only one bidder, Metrolinx was able to enter into negotiations with the proponent. An updated proposal was deemed acceptable, and the contract was awarded to Creative Carriage in December 2016 on behalf of 10 transit agencies in Ontario.[1]

The 20 buses for the TTC are partially funded through the Federal Government’s Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF). Capital projects that commenced after April 1, 2016 and completed by March 31, 2019 are eligible for up to 50 percent funding.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination sign
Chrysler Pentastar 3.6L
Chrysler 62TE Freedman Seating Company 3PT Seat None


Thumbnail Date VIN License plate(s) Garage Status/Disposal Notes
W500 Toronto Transit Commission W500-a.jpg 2017 3C6TRVPG5HE525570 AT 43069 Lakeshore Active
  • Originally numbered W400; renumbered before entering service.
W501 2017 3C6TRVPGXHE544826 AT 83052 Lakeshore Active
W502 2017 3C6TRVPG1HE544827 AT 83097 Lakeshore Active
W503 2017 Lakeshore Active
W504 2017 Lakeshore Active
W505 2017 Lakeshore Active
W506 2017 Lakeshore Active
W507 2017 3C6TRVPG3HE544831 AV 33752 Lakeshore Active
W508 2017 3C6TRVPG7HE544833 AV 33780 Lakeshore Active
W509 2017 3C6TRVPG9HE544834 AV 33818 Lakeshore Active
W510 2017 3C6TRVPG0HE544835 AV 52902 Lakeshore Active
W511 2017 3C6TRVPG2HE544836 AV 52924 Lakeshore Active
W512 2017 3C6TRVPG4HE544837 AV 52955 Lakeshore Active
W513 2017 Lakeshore Active
W514 2017 3C6TRVPG8HE544839 AV 53035 Lakeshore Active
W515 2017 Lakeshore Active
W516 2017 3C6TRVPG6HE544841 AV 73651 Lakeshore Active
W517 2017 3C6TRVPG8HE544842 AV 73652 Lakeshore Active
W518 2017 3C6TRVPGXHE544843 AV 73689 Lakeshore Active
W519 2017 Lakeshore Active


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