Toronto Transit Commission 9200

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Toronto Transit Commission 9200 was originally a Canadian Car and Foundry T-44 trolley coach numbered 9020. It was sent to Western Flyer in 1967 for rebuilding as a E700 prototype, delivered in 1968 and still numbered 9020. It was tested in service, then sent back to Flyer for modifications, returning rebuilt as a E700A and renumbered 9200 in 1970. For the rest of the rebuild program, Flyer supplied the bodies and chassis and the TTC rebuilt them with components from existing trolley buses that were retired and stripped by Hillcrest.

Motors Seating Destination Sign
Canadian General Electric CGE-1213 123 hp continuous 40 Otaco benches Rollsign


Fleet Number Thumbnail Date Serial License Plate Garage Status/Disposal Notes
9200 1968 68-1 BC1 414
Originally numbered 9020.