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Toronto Transit Commission 6420-6434 were New Flyer D40 buses built and delivered in 1988. They are commonly referred to as D40-88, using the build year to distinguish them from the three other D40 batches built in 1987, 1989, and 1990.

These 1988 D40s were delivered with linen rollsigns, in use with much of the fleet. The TTC retrofitted the buses with Luminator Super:MAX destination signs as a trial. They were later given Luminator Matrix:MAX signs, which became the standard until the early 2000s. Exterior wise, they were also delivered with the 1980s so-called "CLRV" paint scheme with the grey lower portion and higher red mid stripe and has the large silver/metal window frames along with the third stop lamp mounted inside the bus at the bottom of the rear window. Inside, they had the standard cream and brown colour scheme and the seating is 39 passengers using the Otaco Model 6468 that has padded brown vinyl seat inserts.

In the late 1990s, this series received their 12 year overhaul. They received the newer style LED marker lights, turn signals, and brake lights. The padded seats were replaced with unpadded red fabric from Holdsworth. They were also given a fresh coat of paint giving the buses the TTC's current livery. Notably, they were used in the advertisement campaign of the Bell SoLo telephones and other telephone cards.

From the beginning, they were delivered to Davenport Division and provided service on those routes. After the closure of Davenport, they were allocated to Eglinton and Wilson divisions. In 2000, they were consolidated to Queensway Division and provided service on routes 15 Evans, 26 Dupont, 30 Lambton, 32 Eglinton West, 37 Islingon, 40 Junction, 44 Kipling South, 45 Kipling, 48 Rathburn, 49 Bloor West, 50 Burnhamthorpe, 52 Lawrence West, 55 Warren Park, 66 Prince Edward, 71 Runnymede, 73 Royal York, 76 Royal York South, 77 Swansea, 80 Queensway, 89 Weston, 110 Islington South, 111 East Mall, 112 West Mall, 123 Shorncliffe, 168 Symington and 300 Bloor-Danforth.

They were gradually retired with the 6440-6521 series between 2007 and 2009. The last active bus in the series, 6422, was retired at the end of February 2009, months after the others.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination sign
Detroit Diesel 6V71N 181 bhp @ 2000 rpm Allison V731 ATEC 3 speed 39: Otaco Model 6468 Luminator Matrix:MAX


Fleet number Thumbnail Date VIN License plate(s) Garage Status/Disposal Notes
6420 Toronto Transit Commission 6420-a.jpg 1988 2FYD2BA18JP013202 BM6 084

(prev. BK7 389)

Queensway Retired
June 2008
6421 Toronto Transit Commission 6421-a.jpg 1988 2FYD2BA1XJP013203 BK1 703 Queensway Retired
July 2008
6422 Toronto Transit Commission 6422-a.jpg 1988 2FYD2BA11JP013204 BM8 369

(prev. BK6 384)

Queensway Retired
February 2009
6423 Toronto Transit Commission 6423-a.jpg 1988 2FYD2BA13JP013205 BM6 085

(prev. BK8 869)

Queensway Retired
January 2008
6424 1988 2FYD2BA15JP013206 BK1 705 Queensway Retired
June 2007
6425 1988 2FYD2BA17JP013207 BK1 706 Queensway
September 2008

Sold to Galaxy Truck And Trailer Repair on Cherry St. in Toronto, ON

6426 Toronto Transit Commission 6426-a.jpg 1988 2FYD2BA19JP013208 BM8 370

(prev. BK1 707)

Queensway Retired
March 2008
6427 1988 2FYD2BA10JP013209 BK1 708 Queensway Retired
July 2008
6428 Toronto Transit Commission 6428-a.jpg 1988 2FYD2BA17JP013210 BK1 709 Queensway Retired
June 2007
6429 1988 2FYD2BA19JP013211 BK1 710 Queensway Retired
January 2008
  • Had black fleet numbers beside the destination sign.
6430 Toronto Transit Commission 6430-a.jpg 1988 2FYD2BA10JP013212 BK1 711 Queensway Retired
September 2007
6431 1988 2FYD2BA12JP013213 Queensway Retired
July 2008
6432 1988 2FYD2BA14JP013214 BK1 929 Queensway Retired
January 2008
6433 1988 2FYD2BA16JP013215 BL6 596 Queensway Retired
September 2007
6434 1988 2FYD2BA18JP013216 BK1 714

(prev. BJ1 125)

Queensway Retired
July 2007