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Interior view of 4236 from rear to front.

Toronto Transit Commission 4200-4251 are Articulated Light Rail Vehicles (ALRV, L3 Class) designed by the Urban Transportation Development Corporation (UTDC). The first 11 streetcars were largely built at the Can-Car Rail facility in Thunder Bay, Ontario. They were completed, along with the remaining 41 streetcars, at the UTDC facility in Millhaven, Ontario from 1987 to 1990.

The ALRVs provide all day service on route 501 Queen as well as some weekday peak service on route 504 King. They also provide service on route 511 Bathurst all Saturday and Sunday in the summer and during events along that line.


ALRV demo 4900 at the Humber Loop while running on TTC's route 501 in November, 1982.

A prototype and demonstrator, numbered 4900, was produced by the Urban Transportation Development Corporation (UTDC) in 1982. Unlike the production cars, 4900 was built with a pantograph, flip-dot destination sign, and hand controls. It was loaned to the TTC for testing from the summer of 1982 to the winter of 1983. After in-service trials, the car was put into storage and eventually returned to UTDC in 1987. The car was later scrapped following an accident at their plant with a production vehicle.

The articulated vehicle proved useful on the TTC's busiest streetcar routes. The Commission ordered 52 ALRVs at a cost of approximately $1.4 million each. The first car was delivered on June 11, 1987 and entered service on the route 507 Long Branch on January 19, 1988.[1]

Modifications & refurbishment

By the early 2000s, the red vinyl seat inserts were replaced with ones covered in synthetic wool. Beginning in 2009, the surface stop announcement system and driver barriers were installed. Throughout 2014, the first three seats on the open side of the streetcar received blue inserts as part of a fleet-wide modification to better denote courtesy seating. The TTC committed to having Presto payment available on all streetcars by the end of 2015. As of June 2015, one car (4221) was fitted with Presto readers as a trial. By September, installation commenced on the remainder of the fleet.

Over the course of five years, beginning in 2008, the ALRVs went through their mid-life overhaul. The first car completed was 4220, which had been sidelined at Harvey Shops three years prior. It was outshopped in April 2010. The cars received new stepwells, an updated instrument panel, new coat of paint, and LED exterior lighting. Only the headlight remained incandescent, however 4240 received an LED headlight with backlit TTC logo as a test.


The ALRVs have been considerably less reliable than the CLRVs and are being phased out first. The ALRVs were expected to retire from 2014 to 2015 as the new low floor streetcars entered service.[2] The first to retire was 4231 in mid 2014. It was stripped of parts for the other ALRVs still in service. After sitting for a period of time at Hillcrest, the car was sent to scrap in May 2015.

Other ALRVs deemed impractical to repair or overhaul followed. As of June 2018, 23 ALRVs have been retired.

Life extension

As deliveries of the new streetcars fell behind schedule, the TTC considered extending the lives of the ALRVs to make up for the shortfall. The TTC decided to overhaul 30 of the 52 ALRVs for continued service with an option for another 10 depending on funding. The remaining 12 would be parted out for useful parts and scrapped. The first car to be refurbished (4217) was outshopped in October 2015.

The refurbished cars had work done to the body which included corrosion repairs and a new coat of paint. The subfloor was replaced and covered by the same flooring that is used in the refurbished SRT cars. Seats received new inserts, which remain padded. The bogies and motors were rebuilt along with the cars' control system—though the TTC had looked into retrofitting the ALRVs with more up to date IGBT transistors.

By the spring of 2018, 18 ALRVs were refurbished. It should be noted that one car (4239) was involved in a collision shortly after refurbishment and sustained damage serious enough to warrant its retirement. The TTC elected to end the refurbishment program at 20 cars rather than 30 after reliability failed to improve. The final two cars outshopped from the refurbishment programme were 4207 in June, and 4221 in August 2018.

Motor Seating Destination sign
2 x Brown Boveri, 600 V DC 61 Otaco Innovator 850 Rollsign


Thumbnail Date Serial Status/Disposal Notes
4200 Toronto Transit Commission 4200-a.jpg Active Refurbished by May 2016.
4201 Toronto Transit Commission 4201-a.jpg Retired
November 2017
4202 Toronto Transit Commission 4202-a.jpg Retired

Last operated on May 28, 2018 on route 501

4203 Toronto Transit Commission 4203-b.jpg Active Refurbished
4204 Toronto Transit Commission 4204-a.jpg Active Refurbished by November 2016.
4205 Toronto Transit Commission 4205-a.jpg Retired
January 2018
4206 Retired
October 2015
4207 Toronto Transit Commission 4207 and 4224-a.jpg Active Refurbished by late May/early June 2018
4208 Toronto Transit Commission 4208-a.jpg Active Refurbished by November 2015.
4209 Toronto Transit Commission 4209-a.jpg Retired
November 2017
4210 Toronto Transit Commission 4210-a.jpg Active Refurbished by September 2016.
4211 Toronto Transit Commission 4211-a.jpg Retired
September 2015
  • First unit fully constructed at UTDC facility in Millhaven, Ont.
  • Formerly wrapped for the Bahamas
  • Wrapped for Indigo Kids
4212 Toronto Transit Commission 4212-a.jpg Retired
January 2018
4213 Toronto Transit Commission 4213 SNKRS XPRESS-a.jpg Retired
January 2018
  • Converted to SNKRS XPRESS February 2016 - Mobile Nike shoe store operating on Queen between McCaul and Wolseley (Bathurst) February 11 to 14 for the NBA All-Star Weekend.
4214 Toronto Transit Commission 4214-a.jpg Inactive
4215 Toronto Transit Commission 4215-a.jpg Active Refurbished by March 2017.
4216 Toronto Transit Commission 4216-a.jpg Inactive
4217 Toronto Transit Commission 4217-a.jpg Active Refurbished by October 2015.
4218 Toronto Transit Commission 4218-a.jpg Retired

Last operated on May 20, 2018 on route 501

4219 Retired
April 2017
4220 Retired
January 2018


  • Has TTC logo on centre LED headlight.
4221 Toronto Transit Commission 4221-a.jpg Active
  • Rear-ended by 4230 on October 31, 2009; repaired by March 2010.
  • Refurbished from November 2016 to August 2018, the final ALRV to be outshopped
4222 Toronto Transit Commission 4222-a.jpg Retired
April 2018
4223 Toronto Transit Commission 4223-a.jpg Retired
January 2018
4224 Inactive
4225 Toronto Transit Commission 4225-a.jpg Dec 5,1988 88-76-1711 Active

Refurbished by Late 2016.

4226 Toronto Transit Commission 4226-a.jpg Refurbished by January 2017.
4227 Toronto Transit Commission 4227-a.jpg Retired
January 2018

Out of service since March 2016

4228 Toronto Transit Commission 4228-a.jpg Active Refurbished
4229 Toronto Transit Commission 4229-a.jpg Active Refurbished by January 2017.
4230 Toronto Transit Commission 4230-a.jpg Active Refurbished
  • Rear-ended 4221 on October 31, 2009; repaired by January 2010.
4231 Toronto Transit Commission 4231-a.jpg Retired
Mid 2014

Scrapped May 2015

  • Formerly wrapped for Resident Evil Retribution
  • Used as parts vehicle prior to disposal
4232 Toronto Transit Commission 4232-a.jpg Retired


  • Last operated on May 16, 2018 on route 501
4233 Toronto Transit Commission 4233-a.jpg Retired
January 2018

Out of service since late 2016

4234 Toronto Transit Commission 4234-a.jpg Retired
October 2015
4235 Toronto Transit Commission 4235-a.jpg Retired
early 2018
4236 Toronto Transit Commission 4236-c.jpg Active Refurbished by March 2017.
4237 Toronto Transit Commission 4237-a.jpg Inactive
4238 Toronto Transit Commission 4238-a.jpg Retired
January 2018
  • Formerly wrapped for Bell Lets Talk day 2015
4239 Toronto Transit Commission 4239-a.jpg Inactive Refurbished
4240 Toronto Transit Commission 4240-b.jpg Active Refurbished by September 2016.
4241 Toronto Transit Commission 4241-a.jpg Retired
January 2018
4242 Toronto Transit Commission 4242-a.jpg Active Refurbished
4243 Toronto Transit Commission 4243-a.jpg Active

Refurbished by March 2017.

  • Formerly wrapped for Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games
4244 Toronto Transit Commission 4244-a.jpg Retired
  • Wrapped for Asus in October 2015
4245 Toronto Transit Commission 4245-a.jpg Retired
Summer 2018
4246 Toronto Transit Commission 4246-a.jpg Retired


4247 Toronto Transit Commission 4247-a.jpg Inactive
4248 Toronto Transit Commission 4248-a.jpg Retired
July 2016
4249 Toronto Transit Commission 4249-a.jpg Active
  • Refurbished by December 2015.
  • Wrapped for SNKRS XPRESS promotion mid February 2016
4250 Retired
June 2015
4251 Toronto Transit Commission 4251-a.jpg Retired


  1. Filey, Mike. The TTC Story, The First Seventy-Five Years. Toronto: Dundurn Press Limited, 1996. Print.
  2. New Streetcar Implementation Plan (Report). 24 June 2013. Toronto Transit Commission. Retrieved on 24 June 2013.

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