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Toronto Transit Commission 3750-3759 are BYD Auto K9M buses built and delivered in 2019. These are the first buses purchased overseas since the Orion III order in the 1980s.

Motor Seating Destination sign
2 x BYD TYC-150A combined 300 kW (peak) Luminator Horizon



In 2016, the City of Toronto made a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For the TTC's part, they committed to procuring fully-electric buses, with a target for a zero-emissions fleet by 2040. The TTC issued a Request for Information (RFI) in early September 2017 to survey the battery-electric bus industry. Three manufactures of long-range electric buses (BYD Auto, New Flyer, and Proterra) were identified. It was proposed that the TTC procure ten buses from each manufacturer for a long-term trial. This would allow them to verify all aspects of bus's performance.[1]

From April 16 to 20, 2018, all three manufacturers sent demonstrator buses to the TTC. They were displayed at the Hillcrest Complex, Leslie Barns, and each bus division. On April 21, the public had a chance to view the buses during Ward 4 Community Environment Day at Richview Collegiate Institute.

On May 19, 2018, the order for 10 buses from BYD was signed. At its June 12, 2018 Board Meeting, the Commission approved the purchase of a further 30 buses from all three manufacturers. Ten of these buses were purchased from BYD. The first ten buses from BYD are expected to be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2019.[2][3]

Due to repeated delays in the delivery schedule by BYD, the TTC has decided to not exercise options for additional buses by BYD and was able to negotiate with both New Flyer and Proterra to increase their orders by 5 buses each so that the TTC will still receive a total of 60 eBuses in 2019.[4] The TTC will receive 25 eBuses from New Flyer, 25 eBuses from Proterra, and 10 eBuses from BYD.


These buses are expected to be delivered to Eglinton division.


Thumbnail Date VIN License plate Garage Status/Disposal Notes
3750 2019 Eglinton
3751 2019 Eglinton
3752 2019 Eglinton
3753 2019 Eglinton
3754 2019 Eglinton
3755 2019 Eglinton
3756 2019 Eglinton
3757 2019 Eglinton
3758 2019 Eglinton
3759 2019 Eglinton


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