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Interior layout of 2766 after its 2002 restoration.

Toronto Transit Commission 2766 is a 1922 Canadian Car and Foundry Peter Witt streetcar used for special events and charters. It was delivered new to the Toronto Transportation Commission as part of the Peter Witt "P-class". It made its public, post-restoration debut at the 2003 Canadian National Exhibition.

From 1983 to the end of the 1988 season the TTC ran Witt Car charter service in conjunction with Toronto Tours. Two vehicles, 2766, a small Witt, and 2424, a large Witt were used. The service ended due to the deteriorating condition of the vehicles, continuing problems with the supply of spare parts, and a reduction in maintenance expertise for these vehicles. Car 2424 was rebuilt in 1989 at Harvey Shop and returned to its owner, the Ontario Electric Railway Historical Association, where it runs at the Halton County Radial Railway. [1]

Car 2766 was retained for future refurbishment and donation to a static museum to be developed by the City of Toronto. In 2000, the Commission looked at what it would take to restore this car and feasibility of operation in special Sunday service. The major overhaul of car 2766 was complete in 2002 and totaled $250,000. It was recommended that the car be used only for special events or display due to the design of the car. It is not equipped with a spring applied fail-safe emergency brake or backup track or electric brakes. The braking distance is also 60% more than the CLRV or ALRV. Therefore "stopper" vehicles must be positioned both in front and behind the Witt when operating.[2]


Thumbnail Date Serial Division Status/Disposal Notes
2766 Toronto Transit Commission 2766-a.jpg December 1922 Hillcrest Preserved


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