Texas A&M University 1123-1124

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Texas A&M University 1123-1124 is wheelchair accessible.

Texas A&M University 1123-1124 are 2001 Nova Bus RTS-06 (VN82) buses. They were purchased second-hand from University of Georgia Campus Transit. They run primarily on the 35 Hullabaloo route.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
Detroit Diesel Series 50 EGR ZF 43: American Seating 6468 TwinVision Amber LED


Fleet Number Thumbnail Year VIN License Plate Notes
1123 2001 4RKENTGA71R835288 132 7607 Ex-University of Georgia Camps Transit 94101
1124 2001 4RKENTGA91R835289 129 1575 Ex-University of Georgia Camps Transit 94102