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Number of Branches MISSING
Distance MISSING
Day Service MISSING
Types of vehicles used MISSING
Division MISSING
Ridership (2018) MISSING

How to use the Template

Fill in the fields in this order:

  • Route: The route number and name.
  • Branch: Number of branches the route has.
  • Dist: Distance of the route (per branch). Don't forget to inlude <br> between each distance.
  • Day: The routes that provide day service along this route.
  • Vehicles: The models of vehicles used on the route. Don't forget to use the Wheelchair logo ( SmallAccessible.gif ) beside applicable models.
  • Div: The division(s) the route is based out of. Unlike the daytime template, you must provide the full link to the divisions due to the high number of split-division night routes.
  • Rider: The nightly Monday-Friday ridership.

NOTE: All fields must be filled out for the template to function. If there are any fields missing, MISSING will appear to notify you the template has not been called correctly.

Also see: Template:Toronto Transit Commission route infobox for daytime routes and Template: Toronto Transit Commission express route infobox for Express routes.