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Detroit Department of Transportation logo 2018-a.png
Communities Served MISSING
Route Type MISSING
Days of Operation MISSING
Vehicles Used Gillig Low FloorSmallAccessible.gif, New Flyer Industries D40LFSmallAccessible.gif, New Flyer Industries XD40SmallAccessible.gif, New Flyer Industries XDE40SmallAccessible.gif
Terminal MISSING
Average Daily Weekday Ridership (2014) MISSING

How to use the Template

Fill in the fields in this order:

  • Route Route name and number
  • Communities Served Community(ies) the route passes through
  • Route Type The type of route it is classified under according to it's color on it's schedule. NOTE: Downtown routes have green schedules, north-south routes have purple schedules, east-west routes have blue schedules and express/direct routes and routes 26 and 42 have tan schedules.
  • Days of Operation The days of the week the route operates.
  • Vehicles Used The model of bus used on this route.
  • Terminal The terminal the route operates out of
  • Average Daily Weekday Ridership (2014) Use as source: [1]

NOTE: All fields must be filled out for the template to function. If there are any fields missing, MISSING will appear to notify you the template has not been filled in correctly.