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Unverified units

Add these if you are able to match the plate with the unit #. If you do, then remove the unit from the list.

Year Manufacturer/Model Engine Transmission License plate VIN Notes
2013 Prevost H3-45 46600 PC 2PCH33493DC712294
2013 Prevost H3-45 46601 PC 2PCH33495DC712295
2013 Prevost H3-45 66844 PC 2PCH33497DC712296
2015 TEMSA TS 30 74401 PC NLTAPLU53F1000159
2017 Van Hool CX45 61686 PC YE2XC82B0H3049475
2018 Van Hool CX45 66816 PC YE2XC82B6J3081126