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TEMSA TS 30-a.jpg
Years of manufacture 2012 to present
Length 30 feet
Width 96 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel

The TEMSA TS 30 is an integral, midsize motorcoach that is distributed by CH Bus Sales in the United States. It made its debut at the 2012 UMA EXPO. The TS 30 is derived from TEMSA's MD 9 mini coach. It uses North American components such as powertrain, mirrors, and lighting system.

The original design of the TS 30 looked very similar to the MD 9. Unlike the MD 9, however, the TS 30 did not feature a flush-mounted windshield. There was also an option of not having a rear window. The side window line on the TS 30 was simplified.

At BusCon 2019, TEMSA introduced their redesigned TS 30. It features many of the aesthetic aspects of the redesigned MD 9, as well as those of the Avenue Electron. The front end features sweeping lines and a characteristic sculpted three-piece bumper. The rear features a rear window and new tail lights in a metallic red bezel. Inside, the drivers area was enlarged and the consoles were reorganized. The parcel racks feature continuous lighting and redesigned multisets.

To accommodate passengers in wheelchairs, the TS 30 is available with an optional lift.



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