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Stratford Transit 9764-9768 are Nova Bus LFS 40102 buses built in 1997 for the Hamilton Street Railway.

In May 2011, Stratford city council approved the offer by MTB Transit Solutions for five refurbished secondhand buses at a price of approximately $90,000 each; almost as much as one new bus. The purchase of these new buses will make Stratford Transit's fleet fully accessible.[1] The buses were acquired in July 2011.

The buses have seating for 35 passengers with spaces for wheelchairs available by folding seats. A new Ricon flip-out wheelchair ramp was installed at a widened front door (52 inches) by MTB, and the ramp at the rear door was removed. Mechanical components were overhauled and the exterior was repainted and decalled into Stratford's livery. New flooring was installed and the buses were repowered with new engines and transmissions.[2]

These buses were mainly used as school specials but were found in regular service at times when needed.

Units Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
9765, 9767-9768 Cummins C8.3 ZF 5HP500 35 American Seating Innovator 850 Luminator Mega:MAX
9764, 9766 Luminator Horizon


Thumbnail Build
VIN License plate(s) Status/Disposal Notes
9764 Stratford Transit 9764-a.jpg 12/1997 2NVYL82K5V3000164 554 7BJ
(prev. 531 4BF)
Active Ex-Hamilton Street Railway 9703.
9765 Stratford Transit 9765-a.jpg 1997 2NVYL82K9V3000166 531 1BF Retired
February 2021
Ex-Hamilton Street Railway 9705.
9766 Stratford Transit 9766-b.jpg 1997 2NVYL82K4V3000169 504 0BJ
(prev. 531 2BF)
9767 Stratford Transit 9767-a.jpg 12/1997 2NVYL82K6V3000173 569 6BF Retired Ex-Hamilton Street Railway 9712.
9768 Stratford Transit 9768-a.jpg 12/1997 2NVYL82K3V3000180 531 3BF

  • Last used for police training.
  • Listed for auction on in June 2018.
Ex-Hamilton Street Railway 9719.


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