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The Stockton Electric Railway is a former public transit agency operating in Stockton (San Joaquin County), California between 1891-1939.


The goal of streetcar services in Stockton, California reach back to February, 1869. A group of citizens presented the Stockton City Council with a petition asking for permission to construct a streetcar system. The petitioners asked for a twenty year lease, and would utilize the equipment of the time; using mules and horses for traction. The first attempt, regrettably, was turned down.

In 1873, the next petition was submitted to the council, passing this time. The petition called for tracks to be set in California, Main, El Dorado, Center and a few other streets.

In 1875, the Stockton Street Car Company was established, operating horse-drawn streetcars.

In 1889 the Stockton Street Railroad Company was established, also operating horse-drawn streetcars.

By 1891, Stockton Electric Railway acquired operations, operating continuously until 1939.

In 1939, National City Lines, a streetcar and bus holding company purchased the agency, with subsidiary Stockton City Lines continuing their operations until 1965.

By 1941, streetcars were being replaced by buses, streetcars stopped running in 1945.

Today, the San Joaquin Regional Transit District operates similar services throughout Stockton and San Joaquin County.


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Cars retired completely by 1945.

Fleet number(s) Thumbnail Year Manufacturer Model Ends Motors Trucks Notes
31-36 1/1913 Brill Hedley Brill 62E Order number 18771.
41-45 1/1919 American Birney DE GE Brill 78M1F Order number 1153D.
46-60 1920 St. Louis Birney DE StL 7 Order number 1244.
  • 59-60 sold to Fresno Traction Company in 1937.
61-66 1925 American Birney DE GE Brill 79E1 Order number 1275.
142-146 1936 St. Louis Birney DE WH StL 7 Order number 1243.
  • Ex-San Jose Railroads. Either 141 or 150 may also be purchased as part of the sale in 1935.


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