Stadler Rail GTW

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The Stadler Rail GTW is a range of modular, articulated rail cars. It is available as an electric or diesel-electric multiple unit. The standard GTW is composed of a small power car in between two passenger cars, constructed from extruded aluminium sections. The cars are connected with open gangways to facilitate passenger flow. Much of the mechanical components are located in the power car, and therefore the passenger space can be maximized.

While the GTW is fully compliant with current European crashworthiness standards, it is not explicitly complaint with those of the Federal Railraod Administration (FRA). Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) was granted a waiver to operate the Stadler GTW alongside FRA-compliant equipment. Stadler worked with the DCTA and LTK Engineering Services to make modifications and enhancements to the GTW to comply with the required safety guidelines. Modifications included changes to the fuel tank design, window glazing, and seating.[1]


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