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Sportsworks is a company specializing in transit bus bike racks as well as bike parking products. The company was founded in 1990 in the month of March. The company started with one customer, Scott USA. The company bent, processed, and packaged bike handle bars and forks. The "Bike rack for buses" line is the main product in the multi model line producing bike racks for buses.

The first bike rack that was produced was the Sportsworks DL2 two position rack which set the standard in bike racks. The DL2 is made from stainless steel to withstand harsher conditions and climates. There is no contact with the frame, only the tire eliminating damage to the frame of the bicycle. The trays fit most wheel sizes with the bikes. The rack itself is only 30lbs. Then came the 2nd model, the DL2NP which featured a narrower design but everything else stayed the same. The DL2 product series was taken one step further by adding a 3rd tray for bikes making it be able to accommodate 3 bikes. This was called the trilogy series rack. Everything remained the same throughout the rack's design.

DL2.jpgDL2 rack DL2NP.jpgThe DL2NP Trilogy.jpgThe 3 slot trilogy rack

Over the years, the DL2 and Trilogy series racks were the racks that set the standard in the bike rack for buses production, the racks have also been improved in design over the years. Sportworks then decided to drastically improve the design of the DL2 and trilogy series racks by introducing the Veleporter series. First came the Veleporter 2 which is very similar to the DL2 and DL2NP rack. the V2 features a new material for the trays that hold the bikes. The new trays could absorb impacts, easy for maintenance, and were bus wash safe. The trays were also widened and could accommodate bike tires up to 3 inches. The frame is stainless steel and is made from composite material to make the rack last longer. The Veleporter 3 was also introduced to replace trilogy series racks. This was a 3 slot version of the V2. The V3's frame was changed by making the front 3rd tray angled a bit to accommodate the wide variety of bikes. Although there were a few problems with the V3. Some of the problems included the racks blocking bus headlights when stowed away which posed a safety hazard. So Sportsworks redesigned the V2 and V3 racks to a design where they don't block headlights of buses when in operation.

VeloPorter2.jpg Veloporter 2 rack VeloPorter3.jpg Veloporter 3