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Sarnia Transit 201-202

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'''[[Sarnia Transit]] 201-202''' are [[Nova Bus]] [[Nova Bus LFS|LFS]] bus built 2020 and delivered in 2021. They feature the new high visibility package. They also have a new updated livery with only the blue stripes along the sides. These buses are not equipped with a second ramp at the rear like the previous orders.
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|[[File:Sarnia Transit 201-b.jpg|128px]]
|[[Nova Bus 'M VINs'#M3752874|2NVYL82J7M3752874]]
|[[Ontario Bus License Plates 690 0BL - 699 9BL#699 8BL|699 8BL]]
|[[File:Sarnia Transit 202-a.jpg|128px]]
|[[Nova Bus 'M VINs'#M3752874|2NVYL82J9M3752875]]
|[[Ontario Bus License Plates 690 0BL - 699 9BL#699 9BL|699 9BL]]
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