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[[BC Ferries]] started service on this route in 1963 with purpose built [[BC Ferries Queen of the Islands| Queen of the Islands]] which carried 40 vehicles and 483 passengers per sailing, but she was found to small for route in summers after 1969. In 1968 [[BC Ferries Sechelt Queen|Sechelt Queen]] which could car 100 - 80 vehicles and 1000 passengers per sailing during the summer months. Up until 1977 [[BC Ferries Queen of the Islands|Queen of the Islands]] and [[BC Ferries Sechelt Queen|Sechelt Queen]] where operating there seasonal service on the route. 1977 this arrangement came to a close with [[BC Ferries Sidney Class|Queen of Sidney]] which carried 138 vehicles and 938 passengers per sailing in all season. In 1986 with Expo happening in Vancouver [[BC Ferries]] put the [[BC Ferries B-Class|Queen of Nanaimo]] which carried 192 vehicles and 1,004 passengers per sailing in summer. [[BC Ferries]] found that [[BC Ferries B-Class|Queen of Nanaimo]] worked well on route year around. [[BC Ferries]] saw the route needed an extra vessel on route in 1997 decide re-certification [[BC Ferries Powell River Class|Bowen Queen]] to Near Coastal 2 certification with Transport Canada. The [[BC Ferries Powell River Class|Bowen Queen]] could 70 vehicles and 400 passengers per sailingwhich stared route 9a saw Friday to Sunday service during the summer months. In 2016 with [[BC Ferries Salish Class|Salish Class]] entering service on Southern Gulf Island to Tsawwassen, the [[BC Ferries Salish Class|Salish Eagle]] and [[BC Ferries B-Class|Queen of Nanaimo]] where paired on the route. With the unplanned retirement of [[BC Ferries B-Class|Queen of Nanaimo]] on August 3, 2016 [[BC Ferries Salish Class|Salish Raven]] beginning her life. With two [[BC Ferries Salish Class|Salish Class]] vessels on route the schedule was redesigned for being beginning of summer season in 2016 which massive increase service for the route 9a vessel. [[BC Ferries Salish Class|Salish Class]] carries 138 vehicles and 600 passengers per sailing.
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