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==History of route==
In 1955 the [[Gulf Island Ferry Company]] started the route with [[BC Ferries George S Pearson|George S Pearson]]. In 1961 [[BC Ferries]] brought the out
[[Gulf Island Ferry Company]] to help bring government run service to the Southern Gulf Island. In 1966 BC Ferries placed the on route[[BC Ferries Vesuvius Queen|Vesuvius Queen]] which lasted 25 years to 1992. In order to expand the capacity of route [[BC Ferries Howe Sound Queen|Howe Sound Queen]] was moved from previous route in 1992 which lasted until June 4, 2019. On June 4, 2019 with the retirement of [[BC Ferries Howe Sound Queen|Howe Sound Queen]], [[BC Ferries]] moved the [[BC Ferries Quinitsa|Quinitsa]] on permeant basis which lasted a year due capacity issue of route [[BC Ferries]] moved the [[BC Ferries Powell River Class|Bowen Queen]] to route in summer months of 2020 and 2021.
==Future of route==


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