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This route was started by Black Ball ferry line in 1953 with five sailing made [[BC Ferries Langdale Queen| Kahloke]]. The route proved to be popular with public within two year th another vessel, [[BC Ferries Sechelt Queen|Chinook II]] was added in 1955. In 1961 Black Ball was brought out by [[BC Ferries]] with all asset transferred. With BC Ferries purchase of the route [[BC Ferries Sidney Class|Sidney Class]] where primarily vessels on route starting in 1963. [[BC Ferries]] ordered three additional [[BC Ferries B-Class|V Class]] in 1964 and 196 with each vessel being length between 1972 and 1974. In order to couple with demand on this route [[BC Ferries C-Class|Queen of Cowichan]] and [[BC Ferries C-Class|Queen of Coquitlam]] which introduced upper car deck with these newer high capacity vessel the [[BC Ferries B-Class|B Class]] became secondary vessels on route or where transferred to [[BC Ferries route 3 Horseshoe Bay - Langdale|Route 3]]. The demand grew fast on route that two additional [[BC Ferries C-Class|C Class]] vessels where put on route in 1981 which allowed [[BC Ferries B-Class|B-Class]] to be freed up and moved [[BC Ferries C-Class|Queen of Cowichan]] to [[BC Ferries route 3 Horseshoe Bay - Langdale|Route 3]] until March 1996 when she and [[BC Ferries C-Class|Queen of Surrey]] switch roles in the fleet. Between 1981 and 1984 [[BC Ferries C-Class|Queen of Alberni]] provided a fourth [[ BC Ferries C-Class|C-Class]] . In 1996 saw the loss of four boat service in peak season, the route went down three boat service in summer. In 2008 this route loss three [[BC Ferries C-Class|C Class]] with introduction of [[BC Ferries Coastal Class|Coastal Renaissance]] in peak season which saw a re-work of the schedules. [[BC Ferries]] planned for two [[BC Ferries Coastal Class|Coastal Class]] vessels to service route but [[BC Ferries]] found a [[BC Ferries Coastal Class|Coastal Class]] vessel was better for commercial traffic on route 30. In 2018 this route saw yet another schedule change which tried to fix the on time performance of routes out of [[BC Ferries Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal|Horseshoe Bay]]. BC Government in late 1990s to 2000s tried to speed up the route with the [[BC Ferries PacifiCat Class|PacifiCat Class]].
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