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BC Ferries Powell River Class

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Upon entering service, Bowen Queen was assigned to its namesake route 8 (Horseshoe Bay - Snug Cove). It replaced the previous Bowen Queen on route 8, which was renamed [[BC Ferries Vesuvius Queen|Vesuvius Queen]] and transferred to route 6 in order to replace [[BC Ferries George S Pearson|George S. Pearson]].<ref>[ M.V. Bowen Queen],, retrieved 01-21-2017.</ref> In 1971, the [[BC Ferries Howe Sound Queen|Howe Sound Queen]] replaced Bowen Queen on route 8, at which time it shifted to operating on routes 4 (Swartz Bay - Fulford Harbour) and 5 (Swartz Bay - Southern Gulf Islands), replacing [[BC Ferries Pender Queen|Pender Queen]]. In 1979, the vessel was lengthened to increase vehicle capacity from 50 to 70 cars, and was refitted with new engines.
After [[BC Ferries Century Class|Skeena Queen]] entered service in 1997, Bowen Queen began operating during the summer as a second vessel on route 9A (Tsawwassen - Southern Gulf Islands). During the rest of the year, it functions a relief vessel for many minor and intermediate size ships, and can be found on a variety of routes. After the [[BC Ferries Salish Class|Salish class]] entered service in 2017, Bowen Queen became a full-time relief vessel. Among other relief duties, it was assigned to route 25 (Port McNeill - Alert Bay - Sointula) during the summer of 2018 and 2019 to provide additional capacity over the regular vessel, [[BC Ferries T-Class|Quadra Queen II]]. On March 30, 2020, Bowen Queen was reassigned to route 6 (Crofton - Vesuvius), replacing [[BC Ferries Quinitsa|Quinitsa]]; this assignment is expected to last until October 2020, when Bowen Queen will resume its regular relief vessel duties.
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