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In October 1924 the SS Cascade enter service started service on the route operated by Cascade Freight & Trading Company. In 1945 this was brought out by [[Coast Ferries Ltd]]. Sometime between 1940s to early 1950 SS Cascades was refitted and renamed MV Brentwood Bay. On July 20, 156 a 16 vehicle and 136 passengers per sailing, with two ship service on until route 1959. In 1969 [[[[Coast Ferries Ltd]] was brought by [[BC Ferries]]. The route stayed the same for next 55 years with no refit replacement during maintenance period for [[BC Ferries Mill Bay|Mill Bay]]. On May 2 the route was shut down for terminal upgrades to fit [[BC Ferries K-Class|Klitsa]] with her taking over the route on June 1, 2011. The route gain capacity 22 vehicles and 150 passengers capacity per sailing.
*[ Brentwood Bay]
*[ Mill Bay]


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